Web Activation: 
Desktop, Mobile and Web App Licensing

software_DNA Version 6 now includes Web Activation. Simply, this means that each user activation code can be used to license applications across platforms, including browser-based web apps.

Products are configured in the software_DNA Control Panel and cover all of these platforms. Licenses are used interchangeably across these platforms and each instance represents one device, up to a total number of devices configured for that product.

Web App Licensing

Browser-based web apps are activated, reactivated and deactivated. Just like desktop applications. Regardless of platform or browser.

A Web App, accessed with Windows Chrome, is activated by providing the License Code, License Password and License Email.

The Windows Chrome browser is now an activated device on this 3-device license.

Reactivation Attempt

User attempts to activate the Web-App on too many devices/browsers - 4th device (Windows Edge browser) on this 3-device license.

The activation is rejected with an appropriate error message. 


A device/browser is de-activated from the license - shown is de-activation for the Windows Edge browser.


After too many activations and re-activations on the license (configurable), activation of a Web App using Windows Chrome browser triggers the Lockout of the License.

The Lockout is reset after a set period or can be reset from the DNA Control Panel. 

Lockout Reset

The Reactivation Lockout is reset in the software_DNA Control Panel.

Re-open of Session

Access to the Web App using the Mac Firefox browser is closed, then re-opened using the License Email and License Password for authentication.

Mobile Licensing

Mobile applications are activated, reactivated and deactivated. Just like desktop applications.

Here, an Android App is initially activated by providing the License Activation Code, and setting a License Password and License Email.

Android App Deactivated

An Android device is removed / deactivated from the license.

The license can now be used on another device.