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Multi-OS Support

Windows, MAC, Linux - 32bit and 64bit OS's - all are supported. License Activation codes can be used across any platform. The software_DNA API's are the same across the platform, making it easy and fast to port to new OS's and expand your Sales.

Full Documentation

Implementation Guides, detailed API references, code examples in a multiple of IDE's (including VB, VB.NET, C#, C++, Delphi, Java, ...) are all available from the DNA Control Panel

Extensive API

Powerfull API allows you to implement in a couple lines of code for a straightforward Activation process, or allows you to fully customize the user interface and licensing process, including In-APP store-front integrations.

All our API's, interfaces and code examples are fully tested and updated with major OS releases. For LINUX, we have tested on MINT and DEBIAN distributions

Our Technical Support team is only an email away to provide your development team guidance and support throughout the implementation

Evaluation Codes

These are codes that expire in 1 to 60 days (your setting). The application knows it was activated with an Evaluation Code, and can be programmed to run in DEMO mode (with limited features), or fully-featured during the Evaluation Period, then fall back to DEMO mode, or however you want to let your users evaluate your software.

Marketing promotions

Download the Activation Email addresses from the DNA Control Panel to conduct marketing promotions and campaigns to the users that have taken the time to evaluate your application, and increase your conversions to SALES

Anonymous or registered Evaluations

When an Evaluation Code is activated, you can choose to have the user remain anonymous or else request an email address, to be stored on our DNA Servers.

"Try before you Buy" is always an effective selling strategy. With sofware_DNA's Evaluation Codes you can distribute your Trial software anywhere and everywhere - increasing visbility of your application - increasing your SALES

3 Validation Levels

ON ACTIVATION (Level 1) to PERIODIC license enforcement (Level 3) - you decide according to your Marketing strategy.

Each Level benefits from our secure Activation and Piracy protection. Level 3 offers you the most stringent additional controls, such as a mandatory DNA Server Validation every "x" days (your setting).

Single User or

Multi-Seat licensing allows you to define Activation Codes that support 1 to 10,000 seats from the same Activation Code. Ideal for organizations with multiple users that value having just one Activation Code to track and easy for the IT administrator to manage.
Mutli-Seat license administrators have access to the myLicense secure portal which allows the administrator to view all activated seats, manage the Activation Code Password and Activation Email, and if necessary, de-activate seats directly.

Single Computer
or Multi-Computer

For most Single Users, the Single Computer license is the way to go. But for some applications, users need the application installed on their desktop and their laptop. Our Multi-Computer feature allows the installation on 1, 2 or 3 computers. You can define several products with different Multi-Computer settings and offer different price points

Lockout Settings
and Revoke License

You can set several license settings as well as the repercussion of violating those terms for your products (disable, lockouts, ...).
If you suspect a code is being abused, or used in violation of your licensing terms, you can REVOKE (disable) in real-time an individual code from the DNA Control Panel. You can reverse this anytime from the DNA Control Panel.

Timed Licenses
Subscription Licensing
Feature-Based Licensing

Timed License Codes can be set to expire in 1 to 2,000 days, to create 1-year, 2-year, 3-month licenses.
Subscription Licenses are enabled as long as regular subscription payments are made.
Feature-Based Licenses contain info on which features/options have been purchased.
They each allow you to offer a myriad of secure licensing options all at different pricing points.

Multi-OS Support

Activation Codes are not OS specific. They can be used to activate under any OS on which your application is supported. From the DNA Control Panel, you can view and pull statistics on the OS's used by your customer base.

Windows, MAC, Linux - 32bit and 64bit OS's - all are supported.

software_DNA configurable license settings can be configured to offer simple to complex licensing models to support your Marketing and Sales Strategies

You can define multiple license schemes for the same product and offer different price points for your different user groups, whether your application is for individual users, Small Businesses, large Enterprises, or instutional organizations.

Code Generation

Fundamental to a secure licensing strategy are fully randomized Activation Codes. software_DNA will generate your Activation Codes according to certain parameters you specify. The codes can be generated on demand from the DNA Control Panel, or "Just in Time" when working with your eCommerce solution. If you prefer, you can generate your own codes and upload them to the DNA Server.

Anti-Fraud for Charge-backs

The Anti-Fraud option will put a 45-day timer on the Activation Code and perform a background validation with the DNA Server at 45 days. This will protect you from Credit Card charge backs. If the user cancels his Credit Card transaction after his purchase, you have the option to REVOKE that Activation Code.

Custom Email

Several email messagess are sent from the DNA Server directly to your users (ex: Lost Password Email request initiated from within your application). Via the DNA Control Panel, you can fully customize these emails including "Merge" fields, setting of FROM address, Email Subject, etc...

eCommerce Integration

This is a critical element if you plan to have a fully automated fulfillment process. And so we have developed and tested integrations with multiple eCommerce solutions. You can integrate software_DNA to work with multiple eCommerce solutions simulaneously.
When our DNA Servers receive a purchase confirmation from the eCommerce system, an Activation Code is generated in real-time and then either sent back to the eCommerce system, or sent via email directly to the user.

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Once your product is launched, software_DNA can run all by itself, fully automated. No need to worry about your license fulfillment on a day to day basis.

License Settings

You can configure, review, change any of your product license settings in real-time. Typically, most of your settings will be defined during TESTING MODE, before launch, but sometimes, you may want to change a setting after launch. No problem. The changes take effect immediately on all new activated licenses, and will be propagated to the existing licenses as they validate and/or re-activate with the DNA Server.

Life Cycle Management

From the DNA Control Panel, you can change the status of your products, from TESTING MODE, to ACTIVE, to HOLD (no new activations), to INACTIVE (all activity is stopped).
This allows you to properly manage the removal of a product, or transitions between an older version to the newest release version.

Stats and Reports

You can view a full set of statistics on your products, and download multiple reports in ".csv" format for your use in the back office.

Your main tool to manage your Licenses and License configurations is the DNA Control Panel

View & Manage Codes

From the Code View Screen, all the relevant license information can be viewed, and several settings can be changed, such as the Activation Email, the Password, the expiry period for the code, the maximum number of seats for the license, etc. The code can also be BANNED and UNBANNED from this screen

Resend Password

From the Code View Screen, your Tech Support can initiate a Resend Password to the user.

View License Events

From the Event Log Screen, all the relevant license events such as Activations, re-activations, bad passwords, unknown codes, lockouts, etc.. can be viewed in detail. This can usually resolve most customer queries quickly and effectively.

Your Customer Technical Support Teams will appreciate the functionality of the DNA Control Panel when it comes time to respond to customer issues and questions. As the Administrator, you can define "Support" userid's that provide limited access to the DNA Control Panel, just enough access for dealing with customer queries, but no access to any product license configurations for example

Self-Serve myLicense Portal - Free cloud-based storage of License for your users

The myLicense Portal, allows your users to manage themselves certain parameters of their licenses.

For single-user licenses, your customer can change his email address and password directly on the portal, thus reducing your support calls.

For Multi-Seat licenses, your customer can also change his email address and the code password, but can also view details about all the activated seats on the license, and directly delete seats as required (available only with Level 3 protection).

View the myLicense Portal

Revolutionary Anti-Piracy

software_DNA is an advanced licensing solution developed since 2002 to include many features and capabilities that span the full life cycle of your software products, from product launch, user evaluations, license fulfillment and enforcement, up to product retirement and/or upgrade to the next, latest and greatest version.

24/7 Operation

One of our key objectives is to help you achieve a fully AUTOMATED fulfillment process, including Just-in-Time code generation, integration with eCommerce solutions and extensive trouble monitoring by our Support Team, so that you can focus on what's important - Marketing and Promotion of your products.

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